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happy birthday freak

Yea so I quit LJ for like a day, I can't really stick with anything I give up or try to quit.. so here I am..

I'm gonna do that 25 random facts about me thing that Nikki did.. so here we go.. (I'll provide an update on my life when I think I have something substantial to say)


1. Yesterday I drove on the expressway for the first time since my roadtest a year ago.

2. I used to absolutely hate rap and would never ever listen to it. Now I love it.

3. Since Cinderella, I have done a complete 180

4. For a couple of years I seriously considered going to NYU and was going to take out thousands of dollars in loans to go there.

5. I was a vegetarian for about three years and I quit on Prom and ate some chicken.

6. I think that I am going to die young, like really young.

7. I can't imagine what my future is going to be like.

8. I used to think of myself as a goody-goody and now I think the complete opposite.

9. Ever since Cinderella, I have lied to my mom at LEAST 1x a day.

10. My mom honestly thinks that I am a virgin, have never drank.. etc.

11. Therefore, my mom is stupid.

12. I used to always think that I wanted to get married, have kids young and now it wouldn't really make a difference.

13. I thought I was in love when I was 12.

14. I have been using the word gay daily for about five years now.

15. I used to absolutely love video games and I hardly ever play them now.

16. In fact, I used to like a lot of things that I do not even think about anymore now.

17. I used to say that I would save an animal over a human if they were dying.. and, ironically, I killed a bird a couple of weeks ago.. (acutally it flew into the hood of my car when I was driving.. but it didn't affect me like it would have a couple of months ago).

18. I have no attention span, am extremely impatient.

19. I have a HIGHLY addictive personality.

20. I miss the days when everything was simple and I didn't even care about guys.

21. When I used to play barbies with my niece I would always make her be Ken.

22. I'm afraid to do the things I know I should do the most.

23. I know that when I go away to college I will lose touch with my family almost completely.

24. Within the same day, I can be intensely happy and extremely sad.

25. I worry a lot lately.
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