Michelle (goodgirl) wrote,

So my computer broke/crashed and now we have a new one... anyway that explains why I have not updated.

My life has been pretty okay, pretty on-and-off. One day sucks but then that night will be awesome, so I don't really know what to think. Alls I know is that I am really excited for college.

So the other night I got drunk and walked to Coney Island with billy and terry, I can't believe we walked.. we are crazy.

Last night I attempted to get drunk but was only buzzed, sarah, however, was fucking drunk as fuck! fuck right. lol just kidding..

I'm going up to Universal Mall in a few to visit Angie..

So, even though I have told this story many times I think it is really funny so I'm telling it to those of you who don't know..

a couple of nights ago Jesse and me got into a fight, while I was driving him home.. so I was trying to talk/yell at him and he wasn't answering me.. whatever... we get to his house and he gets out of my car and slams the door and like speed races into his house.. whatever.. so I get home and when I get out of my car I notice something.. well earlier that day we were at his friends house and he had loaned his XBOX to his friend.. and of course he had to put it in my car to take it home.. well b/c he was so pissed or whatever and had to slam my door he totally left his xbox in my car.. so now I have it..

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