Michelle (goodgirl) wrote,

Looks like my lj traveled back in time..

SO every entry from September on is deleted, how'd that happen? Good thing I never wrote anything too substantial lol.

School is okay... and by okay, I mean annoying.

Last night I got back to my dorm at about 8:00 (from Eastpointe) and I fell asleep at about 8:30 and I slept until.. 5:00 this morning and that's not all. I stayed up from 5 until somewhere between 6:30- 7:00 and then I slept until 2:00. I had no idea I was that tired.. woke up to 11 missed calls and five voicemails. I had two classes between 7-2 but that's irrelevant lol.

Today I actually did something that I needed to do and cleaned my dorm. I also need to get some studying done but I don't know what the chances of that happening are.

I talked to my niece today for a bit and she wants to hang out tomorrow so I think I might hang out with her for a little bit. It works out good because Nikki lives right by her and I think we might do something for a little while too. Nikki let me know what time you work tomorrow! (if you do?).

Overall, last weekend was fun. I never knew I could walk out of a movie, have no clue what the fuck happened and really like it. I also never knew that I could find one of the scenes in the movie so sad that my eyes were watering while I still did not really even know what was going on.. and I hate McDonald's on 11 & Gratiot (it was not funny Sam!).. let's just say that when I have blonde moments, they are intense lol.

I also think it's great when you tell your best friend, "I can't go out tonight unless it's really really worth it (I was supposed to study)" and within about two seconds, they know you well enough to say suggest something you can't refuse.. lol even though it turned out kind of gay, I still had fun.. and it just means that we have to make up for it next time, right Sarah?

Once again, school is annoying.
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