Michelle (goodgirl) wrote,

livejournal: where you go when myspace is down

Damn long time! lol.. I made another lj and had like two entries in it and then got frustrated or stoic and just stopped updating. I actually had deleted this one but then decide to log in today. I wondered if I could change the account status from deleted to active and I could, even though it has been way past 30 days... love livejournal. I was reading some of my old entries.. wow.. it's crazy how long ago all of that stuff was. I was such a dork (although I know I still SOMEWHAT am).

I actually found a survey that I did like a year and a half ago.. that I, ironically, also did on myspace today .. well it's like 90% the same survey, like it has 90% of the same exact questions, plus some. I'm going to post them sometime soon (my favorite expression lately - sometime soon) in another entry in comparison, cause I answered yes to some things in the survey two-ish years ago that I had "done" that I said no to in this one that I did today.. lol... only a couple but it's funny.. like a year a half ago I said yes to the question "ever pet a reindeer or goat" and then today I said "no".. I honestly don't know what the answer is.. maybe I did when I was little and I had a better memory when I did the survey the first time.

I'm so used to not capitalizing my i's but I decided that since most of my lj entries are pretty good with the whole capitalization deal, I might as well stick with that theme.. in blogs I don't really capitalize anything.. for some reason..

I know that not that many people care about livejournal anymore since myspace became the next best thing to a cell phone but i'm gonna keep it just incase I really feel like writing, if myspace is down (lol), or maybe I really will start updating it again. 35% of the population in the U.S. has a myspace, that's amazing.

SO MUCH HAS CHANGED since i've updated this lovely journal.. going to go to macomb now cause Wayne State represents everything I hate.. and it was a terrible experience. I'm gonna go there this year, take all credits that are transferrable to Grand Valley, then as long as everything goes through correctly, transfer there so by Fall of 2007 I will be a Junior at Grand Valley. I have to have my college experience, I just have to.. and Wayne State definitely wasn't that. I can not make my only college experience be Wayne State, especially since I decided to go there b/c of the people in my life (my best friend at the time and boyfriend at the time). I'm going to go to a university no matter what, i'm not letting anyone effect my decisions on my education anymore, it's not a good idea. So, anyway this year at macomg I can (hopefully) enjoy my classes with my two best friends and hopefully do well, unlike the 2nd semester of Wayne State hahaha, more like the first semester where I was a gangster and got an A- in Physics by only showing up to the tests and setting the curves. August 23 = first day.

I worked at HH again for like four months, bailed someone outta jail, quit hungry howies, got hoed by guys... reconnected with my now two best friends in the whole world= Nicole and Allison (Nikkay & Allay). Still experience drama every once in a while but that's what happens when you are friends with girls, it's like unavoidable. Either way, I still have the best friends in the entire world.

My hair is getting so long, which is wonderful, cause it's never really been "short" but hasn't been this long in.. forever!

Myspace's login is temporarily disabled and it makes me really sad. So, until it gets fixed i'm gonna just browse my old lj entries.. and reminicse or whatever. Ha
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