Michelle (goodgirl) wrote,

Tomorrow Angie and myself are going to go take our placement tests at Wayne State. I think we are going to have to get up around 7:00 in the morning. Our English exam is at 9:00 and our Math is at 2:00. The English one is supposed to only last for an hour so we are going to walk around the campus and check things out until the Math one starts. As soon as we get our results from these tests we can sign up for our classes! I've decided that I am going to double major in Education and Psychology and minor in English.. as least for right now. lol

I'm also going to sign up at my gym for another month, probably on Tuesday b/c I need to get back in shape before I head off to college! I'm gonna work out every single day for 2 hours just like I did in February. I am extremely determined. I'm done waiting around for the bf, I'm taking matters into my own hands and getting things done!

I hate my gay phone too.
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