Michelle (goodgirl) wrote,

Have You Ever...

Made up your own theory about the existance of God? no
Stopped believing in God? yes
Participated in a protest of any kind? i protested eating meat by being a vegetarian, so yea
Gone to summer camp? no, i always wanted to when i was little though
Betrayed a friend? yes i have
Made a perverted snowman? no
Run around in your bathing suit during winter? no
Gone outside in your bathing suit during winter? no
Done the splits? no
Picked flowers from other people's lawns? yea dandelions cause i was lame
Been grounded? once that I can remember, but it was worth it at the time and i got out of it anyway
Had a conversation with yourself? yea, ususally when i'm trying to practice a conversation with someone else
Fallen asleep at school? yea
Lied to a doctor? yea
Been to a slumber party? yea
Been to a co-ed slumber party? no
Had a pillow fight? yea probably
Lied about your age on the internet? yea when I first got the internet
Lied about your age in real life? no
Cursed directly at a teacher? no
Cursed indirectly at a teacher? yea
Cursed in front of a teacher? yea
Cursed in front of your parents? only on accident.. what a baby lol
Cursed at your parents? no
Cursed at a friend? yea but in the "hey ho" way
Cursed at stranger? probably
Cussed somebody out? no
Cried in front of a teacher? yea
Cried in public? only a few times
Cried in front of a friend? only a few times
Done drugs? yea
Sniffed a permanent marker to get a mini-high? no
Had sex? yea
Smoked? yea
Had alcohol? yea
Been drunk? yea
Been drunk driving? yea
Been arrested? no
Gotten a ticket? no
Made a prank call? yea
Made a prank call to a friend? not me myself but i've been an accomplice during them
Superglued coins to the floor of the mall? no
Stolen something from a friend? i don't know
Stolen something from a store? yea once
Gotten caught for stealing? no
Said a racist comment and meant it? look where i live
Doubted your sexuality? no, i have this thing for dicks (double meaning there)
Lied to a teacher? yea
Thought about suicide? yes when i was in my i'm 13 y/o "im in love" phase.. but never enough to actually do something
Considered suicide? yea
Attempted suicide? no
Hated yourself? yea i used to a lot, now i just get disappointed in myself sometimes
Cut/hurt yourself intentionally? no
Given the finger to somebody? i know i have, but i can't remember ever doing it
Give the finger to a stranger? no
Been to a concert? yea
Been in a mosh pit? no
Been stage diving/crowd surfing? no
Headbanged? can you imagine me doing that?
Copied someone else’s homework? yea
Copied off somebody on a test? oh most definitely
Cheated on a test? yea
Cheated on a homework/assignment? yea
Gotten detention? yep once in 3d grade
Cut class? all the time last year
Played hookie? yea
Faked sick? yea.. i used to do it so much before i just skipped all the time
Been suspended? no
Been expelled? no
Been to the principles office? yea for credit review
Failed a test? yea ap calc, i kind of stopped going
Failed a class? never
Failed a grade? never
Been in a car accident? yep, two
Spit in somebody’s food? no
Spit on someone? no
Bitten somebody? yea
Been spit on? no
Been bitten? yea
Gotten in a fist fight? no
Slapped someone? no
Hit someone? no
Kicked a guy in the balls? when i was little
Broken a bone? no
Gotten stitches? no
Had an injury where you should have gotten stitches but you didn’t? no
Eaten dog/cat food? no
Written graffiti? no
Written on the walls of a bathroom? no
Stayed up all night? all the time lately
Eaten half a pint of ice cream in one sitting? probably but i hardly ever eat ice cream anymore, it's lost its appeal to me
Been kicked out of a store? yea i think so
Read someone’s diary? yea
Stapled your finger? no
Eaten a bug? no
Peed your pants at school? no
Crapped your pants in public? no
Watched porn? i've seen porn before, but i've never ever actually watched one.. and i don't care to lol
Stripped? during a card game once
Stripped on camera? no
Been ice skating? no, i'm no good at skating
Been rollerblading? yea, but i'm not good at that either.. maybe this summer i will get better
Been skiing? no
Been tubing? no
Snuck out of the house? yea
Walked along a highway? no
Gotten lost in the woods/path/random place? yea
Walked through the woods to see where you would end up? yea
Been on the roof? no
Dyed your hair? yea
Cut your own hair? yea, it turned out bad
Have a friend cut your hair? no, only my sister
Shaved your head? no
Had surgery? no
Been life-threatningly sick? no
Been to Disney world? i wish
Been to Disney land? i wish
Been out of the state? yea
Been to more than five states? no
Been to more than ten states? no
Been out of the country? canada
Lived in another state? no
Lived in another country? no
Lived in another continent? no
Been to a wedding? yea
Been to a funeral? yea
Been to the beach? yea
Been snorkeling? no
Been scoobadiving? no, and i don't intend to
Seen tropical fish (not in captivity)? no
Touched a shark? no
Been on a private beach? no
Been to a nude beach? no
Surfed? no
Swam in the ocean? yea
Swam so far in the ocean you couldn’t touch the ground at all? yea
Swam so far in the ocean you were a long way away from the shore? no
Watched the sun go down? no, but i want to some day
Climbed a pile of boulders just to say, "I'M THE KING OF THE WORLD!"? lol no
Been on a roller coaster? yea a kid one
Been on an upside-down roller coaster? never been on one
Thrown up on a roller coaster? never been on a real one, but i don't doubt that i would
Been hiking? no
Been to the top of a mountain? no
Been pooped on by a bird? no
Been unconscious? no
Fainted? almost one time
Been called a bitch? yea
Been called a whore/slut? yea
Laughed so hard you cried? yea
Laughed so hard something came out your nose? no
Laughed so hard you peed your pants? no but i've had times where i've almost
Sung in the shower? yea
Sung into a hair brush? aww yea when i was little with my friends
Sung in front of friends/family? to music, yea
Sung in public? yea
Sung at a show of any form? yea in 8th grade in dance faction
Danced in your underwear? no
Danced in your underwear in front of someone else? no
Danced in public? yea
Danced in a show/recital? yea
Run around with underwear on your head? no
Walked into a wall? yea
Walked into a pole? yea
Had a long-distance relationship? no
Had an online gf bf? yea when i was 11 or 12
Had online sex? lol no
Not taken a shower for a week? no
Loved somebody? yea
Gotten your heart broken? yea
Had a crush? yea
Had a crush on someone older than you? yea
Had a crush on someone 10+ years older than you? no
Had a celebrity crush? when i was 13 i had a major crush on justin timberlake
Taped a kick me sign on someone’s back? no
Made fun of someone to fit In? i'm sure i have
Called someone fat? yea
Been called fat? i am a fattie
Been called anorexic? no
Been made fun of? yea
Been talked about badly behind your back? who hasn't?
Stayed up all night long? wow this question has been asked so many different times
Cried in public? yea
Tripped in public? yea
Farted loudly in public? no
Been in a play? no
Been in a commercial? no
Been on TV? for school
Been on the newspaper? yea
Been on the radio? never
Been in a movie? no
Met someone semi-famous? no
Flirted with someone semi-famous? no
Slept with a rock star? no
Screamed in public? no
Worn something weird in public? no
Ate something off the ground ignoring the 10 second rule? yea
Licked a wall? no
Licked the ground? no
Licked someone? yea
Hit a parked car? yea
Gotten your tounge stuck on something cold? no
Stuffed something up your nose? no
Put something in your pants? um yea?
Walked in the rain? yea
Played in the rain? no.. but i want to
Danced in the rain? no
Danced in the rain in public? no
Watched a meteor shower? no
Wished upon a star? yea when i was lame
Stolen someone’s underwear? no
Worn someone else’s underwear? no
Gotten a wedgie in public? no
Given a wegie in public? no
Blamed someone for one of your farts? how gay
Eaten something alive? no
Faked an accent and seriously pretend that you had that accent? no, i wish i could
Made up a language? no
Pretended to speak some random language in public even though you didn't? no
Made up a fake identity when you meet someone? no
Given a lap dance? no
Had someone give you a lap dance? no
Lied about past experiences? yea
Exaggerated past experiences? yea
Streaked? no
Skinny dipped? no
Been pantsed? what does that mean?
Gone swimming with your clothes on? yea
Mooned someone? no
Been mooned? yea unfortunately
Flashed someone? no
Been flashed? yea
Seen a dead person? at a funeral
Prank phone called someone? i've only done it like once, i was too nervous to ever do it again lol
Been to a fortune teller? no
Peed in a pool? no
Peed in a shower? yea
Peed in a public pool? no
Peed in a public shower? no
Been camping? yea
Been camping in a tent? yea
Been camping in the middle of nowhere? no
Slept under the stars? yea
Been around a campfire? yea
Made a campfire? i don't have that kind of talent lol
Burnt things because you were bored? yea.. like a set of matches and a paper plate (that i can recall)
Accidentally hurt yourself while burning something? yea
Sat in the middle of the rode? yea
Dressed up as a superhero? no
Worn a tie? no
Lied to a doctor? yea
Broken the law? yea
Fallen asleep in class? yea
Been to a club? no but soon
Been to a strip club? no
Been to a bar? no
Been to a gay bar? no
Ridden in a taxi? no
Ridden on the subway? no
Ridden on a public bus? yea
Ridden on a train? no
Ridden on a boat? yea
Ridden on an airplane? no
Jumped off a bridge? no
Jumped off the roof? no
Stuck gum under the table? yea at school under a desk
Had a pet? yea
Had an exotic pet? yea
Accidentally killed a pet? no
Killed a pet on purpose? no
Run over an animal? no
Written a poem? yea
Written a song? only drunk songs
Written a story? yea when I was little I used to write stories all the time
Shown someone any of the above? yea
Read it out loud to a group of strangers? my drunk song, yea
Won something for it? no
Got a trophy for it? no
Gotten a trophy at all? no
Looked back on whatever you wrote years later and thought it sucked? yea, all the time.. not only do you grow up, but your perspective changes
Played an instrument? yea
Known two languages fluently? no
Known 3+ languages fluently? no
Fallen in front of a lot of people? yea, i'm sure i have
Had a dream? almost every night
Had a dream that foretold the future? a few
Had a dream in black and white? not that i can remember
Had a nightmare? yea
Had a nightmare that after having you couldn’t go back to sleep? yea
Watched a scary movie? yea
Watched a scary movie then not been able to sleep? a while ago
Told a scary story? yea
Told a scary story and successfully scared someone? yea but they were little kids.. so that doesn't count
Spent the night at a haunted house? no
Seen a ghost? no, i wish
Seen a UFO? no
Written someone a nasty letter? no
Written anyone a letter? yea
Made someone cry? yea
Made someone cry from laughter? yea
Made your parents cry? yea
Gotten a piercing? yea
Gotten a tattoo? one day
Jumped into a giant pile of leaves? yea, i used to do that when my mom told me that i had to help her rake them.. it really didn't make up for the raking part
Talked to yourself on AIM? i've IMed myself
Talked to a random person on AIM pretending you were someone else? yea
Talked to a random person on AIM? yea
Had an online friend? i used to, not anymore
Been to the hospital? yea
Set off fireworks/crackers? no
Screamed HAPPY NEW YEARS loudly at midnight? yea
Screamed Happy New Years,Happy Bday, etc, really loudly even if it wasn't? yea, seems kind of gay doesn't it? lol
Been inside the bathroom of the opposite sex? yea
Used the bathroom of the opposite sex? yea, what a lame question? lol
Made faces at passing cars? lol no.. i could never do that without being extremely embarrassed, although none of my friends have that problem when they are with me
Waved at passing cars? no
Done stupid things for passing cars? no, but i've def been in the car when my friends have
Made a truck driver honk his horn? yea
Watched an R rated movie? yea
Watched an X rated movie? no
Watched a movie your parents didn’t want you to watch? yea
Ridden a horse? no
Eaten testicle of anything? no
Eaten something that your friends prepared? yea
Eaten dirt? no
Eaten paper? i've tasted it lol
Been in a band? no
Played in the mud? no
Gone to sleep with socks on? yea
Gone to sleep in your clothes? yea
Gone to sleep wearing nothing but a large shirt and underwear? yea
Gone to sleep naked? yea, after passing out after taking a shower
Slept in a bed with someone of the same sex (not in your family)? yea
Slept in a bed with someone of the opposite sex (not in your family)? yea
Made your own clothes? no
Worn your own clothes? no
Sold/Bought something off Ebay? yep
Done something embarrassing in public for attention? definitely when I was drunk, but other than that no i don't like calling attention to myself
Peed behind a tree/bush? definitely when I was drunk lol.. when you gotta go, you gotta go
Talked to a stranger? yea
Ridden on a motorcycle? no
Ridden on an ATV? what's that?
Gotten straight A’s? all the time, what a dork!
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