Michelle (goodgirl) wrote,

Since you all have waited so patiently, i'm going to try to make my update of significant length and substance lol.. like that's actually going to end up happening.

THIS IS GOING TO BE ALL ABOUT SCHOOL (just to warn you, it could be boring)

Yesterday I registered for my classes for next semester. Here is my schedule...

Tuesdays & Thursdays:

Sociology 2000... 10:40 am - 12:20 pm
Philosophy 1030... 1:25 pm - 2:55 pm
Psychology 3200... 3:00 pm - 4:25 pm
Philosophy 1050... 4:30 pm - 5:50 pm
English 1020... 6:00 pm - 7:20 pm

Basically, I have classes twice a week with about eight hour days. This is very different from my current schedule for many reasons. First, I actually like these classes. Second, I don't have to get up early. Third, I don't have class Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays. This means that if I wanted to, I could leave for EP on Thursday anytime after 7:30 pm and not have to come back until Monday night or even Tuesday morning if I wanted to.

Now I know you are all wondering why is she taking two Philosophy classes and didn't she already have Psychology? I know you're thinking it lol.. actually you probably don't care that much but I'll tell you anyway.

The first Philosophy class is supposed to address the most "pressing questions" of our time.. Examples include: "Does God exist?" "Is there a such thing as free will?". I contemplated taking this class because I thought that it might piss me off. I still think that way but it will satisfy one of my requirements and it does interest me. The second Philosophy class is all about critical thinking and it also satisfies one of my requirements.

The Psychology class is the Psychology of "Motivation, Feeling and Emotion". As you know, Psychology is currently my minor and I had to pick one class to take next semester to satisfy myself. I am really looking forward to this class.

Oh yeah, I had a Physics test about two weeks ago and got 100% on it & the average was 60%. That class is considered so hard that 85% and up is an A. So I was really happy about that. I also had a PoliSci test last week and I ended up getting a 90% on that, which I am satisfied with. Unlike all of my other classes, it is not multiple choice and it involves a lot of writing.. I actually consider it hard. What pisses me off though, is that the question that I got a significant amount of points deducted from, I knew that I didn't know the answer to it before I took this test. I have this way of studying where I don't actually study for a test until the night before, and I just stay up all night. Well, I couldn't ask my teacher my question about this particular topic and I could not find the answer.. so I knew that I was going to end up getting it wrong anyway. And I did. It just pisses me off that that answer made the difference between a 90% and a 96%. Whatever! lol.. It really doesn't matter all that much cause I'm still going to work it out to where my average is an A.. through some intense studying, of course lol.

That was definitely enough about school.

Moving on...

Friday I saw Saw 2 and it was really good.. really gross but still good. I think that it's going to be the Nightmare on Elm Street or Halloween of our time. I think that they will keep making more. Anyway, after the movie, Sarah came over and stayed the night @ my house. It's always weird being in my room and it was especially weird to have someone stay the night with me there. Sometimes when I'm at home I feel like i'm still a senior at EDHS and Friday night I definitely did for a little while.

Saturday I went and played bingo with my mom, Candice & her mom, and my sister and her bf. My mom has taken my brother and two sisters to bingo when they turned 18 and she hadn't yet with me so we decided to do it Saturday night. For as much as an impatient and easily frustrated person as I am, bingo really isn't the game for me lol. I had fun and all that but I need to be in a very easygoing mood to play that game. I get way too frustrated and pissed off. Needless to say, I didn't win but my mom had fun and there were definitely some parts of it that were fun. What can be funner than sitting in a bingo hall with about hundred old ladies? I was like surrounded by what I'm prejudice against lol. Old ladies.. who probably frequently cause car accidents... After that I went home and ended up falling asleep pretty early.

For the past two weeks I had not been sleeping regularly.. I would not sleep about two or three days out of the week. This past weekend I got a lot of sleep back and even today I passed out for a good three hours out of no where. I've decided that I don't need that much sleep.. it just makes me lazy, depressed and unmotivated. I am much more efficient when I don't sleep that much. This brings me to my next point.. I probably won't sleep tonight.

Tomorrow I am going to my one class, spending the day doing laundry and possibly studying and then around 6 I'm going to leave for Eastpointe. I have to pick up Nikki from work and then later I'm going to see "Get Rich or Die Trying" or maybe "Tryin'" lol i'm not sure which it is.. anyway I'm going to see that with Sam (not my niece).

This weekend I'm going to be hanging out with Candice on Friday night and then sometime Saturday or Sunday, Sarah and I are going to have a psychic reading which I am pretty excited about. I'm never done anything like that before so I hope that it works.

That's about all I have to say.. I felt obligated to update since almost everyone else has. You probably won't see another one for about a week.. you know, unless something amazing happens in my life.
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